The Systalen brand stands for high-quality, reliable and individually producible recyclates.


The aim of sustainable operations is to economize on natural resources, to reduce environmental impact, and at the same time to take due account of commercial viability. Particular importance is attached in this context to dealing with plastics as a material, which are used in large quantities, for example, as polypropylene (PP) or low and high-density polyethylene (LDPE/HDPE) for producing packages and consumer goods. So what can be done to satisfy consumers’ needs and product-related expectations, and at the same time to create reduced environmental impact from the production processes?

Recyclates – a genuine alternative

Der Grüne Punkt’s answer to this is called recycled plastics. With the Systalen recyclate, Der Grüne Punkt is also a producer of plastic granulates, which offer a genuine, eco-friendly alternative to producing new plastics. Systalen can replace new plastics in injection molding, extrusion, and molding processes. Numerous companies and municipalities are putting their trust in high-quality, innovative, and above all affordable solutions featuring Systalen regranulates as materials or with end-products when it comes to building construction, civil engineering, and landscaping, transportation, logistics and packaging technology.

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Individuality included. This is how you receive Systalen, the modern recyclate, that we manufacture – tailored to you. Behind this is a seasoned team of technicians, engineers and developers who know what is important in each and every production. In yours, too. Our skilled sales team is always there for your questions and provides the bridge to our engineering:


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The Systalen recyclate – from the Yellow Sack back into the closed-cycle economy

Der Grüne Punkt has set new standards in the utilization of raw materials taken from post-consumer collections. For producing our Systalen recyclate, we use homogenous plastics from the Yellow Sack and the Yellow Bin – always in conformity with clear product specifications and with a view to the end-product involved.


All foreign substances are filtered out of the starting material, and the washed plastic flakes are then melted in the extruder, de-aerated, micro-filtered and with an admixture of additives purposefully processed to make Systalen recyclate. Thanks to underwater granulation, moreover, we are able to produce very fine, easy-to-process plastic granulate.


More about producing Systalen

Deutscher Verpackungspreis in Gold für Werner & Mertz Flaschen aus 100% transluzentem Systalen.

That's what Customers say

More and more manufacturers of high-quality plastic products are switching to Systalen as their preferred raw material. They are thus opting for greater sustainability – and for the opportunity to take advantage of the marketing benefits of Blue Angel (“Der Blaue Engel”) certification and the RAL quality mark “% recycled plastic”.

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Ecoprofiles: Exact values for all Systalen granules

With the eco-profiles for Systalen granules, customers can calculate at the push of a button the advantage the use of Systalen has over virgin material. The contribution to sustainability can thus be precisely quantified and broken down to individual end products.


The use of Systalen PP granules saves 0.66 to 0.8 kilograms of CO2. The calculation was carried out by the experts at IFEU Heidelberg in line with the system of eco-profiles published by the Plastics Europe association. The costs determined for the production of Systalen were also compared with these current data records for virgin material. This ensures methodical comparability.


Systalen granules are made from used plastics and not from petroleum like other granules. The production process not only saves petroleum, but also additional energy for the production process. The product eco-profile includes all the efforts required to produce the recyclate, including the collection and sorting of the raw material and the recycling of all residual materials. However, advantages or credits resulting from by-products are not included.


In contrast to a life cycle assessment, which calculates the entire life cycle of a product or service, eco-profiles only consider a section of the life cycle.

Thus, the extraction and processing of raw materials, the provision of energy and the production steps up to the examined recyclate are included in the ecoprofile. All raw material extraction as well as emissions to air and water along this process chain are taken into account. Further processing steps, the manufacture of secondary products, the utilization phase and the disposal of the product are not considered.


In addition to the reduction of greenhouse gases, the eco-profiles, like the Plastics-Europe datasets, also evaluate other relevant categories such as influences on primary energy consumption and the acidification of soil and water.

Regranulates – cost-efficient, eco-friendly, versatile

Recycled plastics like Systalen and other recyclates are as secondary raw materials meanwhile suitable for a multitude of production processes. Not least when it comes to manufacturing products made of injection-molded plastic. This is also to the credit of Der Grüne Punkt as a manufacturer of plastic granulates, and of its Systalen recyclate, which makes a fundamental contribution towards rendering plastic granulates suitable for a flexible range of applications, and making it into a genuine replacement for primary raw materials. The advantages of recyclates are indisputably evident:



Environmentally friendly

Their production downsizes environmental impact


Energy saving

Significantly lower energy consumption when manufacturing regranulates than when producing new plastics


Free from oil

Plastic can here be produced without using any crude oil


Low emission

Lower CO2 emission values and pollutant emissions


Closed Loop

A closed loop is created by recycling the plastic

Which Systalen regranulate would you like?

Our wide range of products comprises standard qualities. Depending on the application involved, the manufacturing process for the product concerned and the requirements of our customers, we offer specifically tailored recipes, and are able to supply the Systalen recyclate in different versions, shapes and compositions. And different colors, of course, are not a problem either. After all, a green world has to be multi-hued as well.



Systalen granulates

Systalen granulates are specifically tailored materials for applications involving injection-molded plastics and extrusion and offer near-infinite options – not least for high-quality applications.


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