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Regranulate – cost-efficient, eco-friendly, and versatile

Recycled plastic, such as Systalen and the like, are now suitable for use in a variety of manufacturing processes. There are so many different ways to use recycled materials from Der Grüne Punkt – from injection-molded plastic for pipes and drainage pipes to cladding, profiles, pallets, or even sustainable bottles for household cleaning products – and they are suitable for the most challenging applications.

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Der Grüne Punkt has developed a very special product line for recycled materials in partnership with Gies Kunststoffe: the Gies Ecoline series. All items, such as shopping baskets, are made out of 100% Systalen recycled plastic (polypropylene – PP) from Der Grüne Punkt.

The Gies Story

Werner & Mertz

Der Grüne Punkt has developed a recycled plastic made out of yellow bag plastics that creates a new dimension in the manufacturing of recycled materials.

The Werner & Mertz Story!


Der Grüne Punkt and Pöppelmann developed Recycling Blue plant pots together in the TEKU division. Pöppelmann is laying the foundation for its own sustainable product development and manufacturing with this initiative.

The Pöppelmann Story!

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