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Attention new German Packaging Act (VerpackG)! "Manufacturers" within the meaning of the law, including online retailers and operators of small online shops, must participate in a dual system such as Der Grüne Punkt and register with the Central Packaging Registry (ZSVR). Who does not do that, risks warning and in the long run selling prohibition (VerpackG § 9)! Do you still have to participate and register for 2019 or even for 2018? There is already no more time to waste, but with Der Grüne Punkt you are still in good hands: Click here on "License calculator", participate your packaging in a legally binding form and register with the ZSVR with support.

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Packaging licensing with VerpackGO

1 January 2019 is the deadline – the new German Packaging Act has come into force, superseding the current German Packaging Ordinance. So make a note of it, online retailers and operators of small online shops! Because the provisions of the German Packaging Act are particularly important for you as well. You are obligated to arrange for your packages to participate in a dual system. Don’t worry! In our explanatory film, we tell you how to do this properly, and a whole lot more.

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German packaging license – quick & easy online

Use VerpackGO to easily license all your packages online – With only a few clicks you are prepared for the new German Packaging Act 2019. No stress, no waiting! Online licensing makes the process much faster so that you receive your license after just three steps:

  • 1. Enter your packaging amounts

  • 2. Fill in your personal information

  • 3. Send the offer

- Done!

License your packaging – even small amounts

The German Packaging Act (VerpackG) 2019 obligates manufacturers, retailers and online retailers to license their packaging – even if they only use small package quantities. You are dispatching packaging in Germany as well, which accumulates with the private consumer? Then this requirement is mandatory for you as well! From sales packages to secondary packaging – you can license your packages with us. For small packaging quantities we offer easy online licensing, too! You don’t even have to be an expert in the German Packaging Law. With a few important questions, we lead you through the process of reporting your packaging quantities and participating in our dual system.

Registration with the dual system – 100% legally compliant

The obligations for you as a producer, retailer or online retailer will not only begin with the new German Packaging Act (VerpackG). At the moment you already have certain duties based on the German Packaging Ordinance. So, act now! We assist you to fulfil your obligations under the Packaging Ordinance so that you can pack and dispatch your goods without any worries. Trust in legally compliant registration with our dual system as well as the experience and competence of the “Der Grüne Punkt” brand in order to be ready for the new German legislation (For further information, take a look at our VerpackG Flyer). As the most experienced provider of the dual systems we offer you efficient recovery solutions and sustainable packaging recycling. Our dual system guarantees legally compliant participation for each packaging item. Whether you work in retail, online retail or wholesaling – you are in good hands with us!

The services of “Der Grüne Punkt” –
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„License your packaging
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with VerpackGO.“

VerpackGO by Der Grüne Punkt is the user-friendly platform for quick, easy and legally compliant packaging licensing.



As a retailer, you have to act before January 1st, 2019. VerpackGO allows you to register even the smallest packaging quantities – License them online now and await the new German Packaging Act with equanimity!

„Packaging licensing
with VerpackGO is simple –
even for small amounts.”



„VerpackGO is your
reliable partner.“

Profit from over 25 years of experience! Legally compliant packaging licensing, recovery and recycling – We are pioneers of an efficient closed cycle economy.

Der Grüne Punkt services

Access to our online service

Managing all data for your packaging amounts in one place? Our online service makes it possible! You can use it to manage the complete data, check your packaging quantities and keep them up to date. You can also access your packaging license online at any time. The online service allows you to keep an eye on everything concerning the licensing of your packaging with only a few clicks. With maximized ease and convenience!

Recovery and recycling service

Your packages are licensed and ready for shipping or sale? Then the first step is done. But what happens to the packaging afterwards? We close the cycle! As a prestigious and experienced dual system, we offer you complete recycling solutions right through to the recycling of packaging in accordance with the German Packaging Ordinance (VerpackV) and the new German Packaging Act (VerpackG). Give your packaging a second chance at life – at minimum expense. Because we take care of selective refuse collection and the packaging recycling. If recycling is not possible, we ensure the environmentally compatible disposal. Contribute your part to a cleaner environment and sustainable packaging solutions!

Using the „Der Grüne Punkt“ trademark

“Der Grüne Punkt” created the first dual system in Germany and is the most experienced provider with over 25 years of experience in packaging recovery and recycling. “Der Grüne Punkt” is a well-known and highly regarded trademark in Germany. It shows the private consumer that you take your product responsibility seriously by participating in a dual system. For private consumers, it is an important criterion when choosing a product – Accentuate your sales packaging with “Der Grüne Punkt”, too! How to use it? You may use the trademark “Der Grüne Punkt” under the following two conditions: 1. You register with a dual system such as Der Grüne Punkt to fulfil the legal requirements for your packaging. 2. You sign a trademark license agreement with “Der Grüne Punkt”. Done!

Kundenfragen zur Verpackungslizenzierung

Was ist mit „Hersteller“ gemeint? Welche Verpackungen sind beteiligungspflichtig? Wie erstelle ich die Jahresabschlussmeldung? Diese und noch viel mehr Fragen haben unsere Experten im Bereich Lizenzierung gesammelt und beantwortet.“

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