Single use deposit? - How the Green Dot can take the pressure off you

Benefit from our experience in deposit accounting, practical analyses and individual advice

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Germany has been a single use deposit country for beverages since 2003 and practically all beverages in disposable packaging are now covered. The exceptions for fruit and vegetable juices, smoothies and alcoholic mixed drinks were last removed in 2022 and milk and mixed milk drinks and other drinkable milk products have also been subject to a deposit since 2024.


Bottlers and canners face a number of challenges in the single-use deposit system for drinks. These include deposit levying, container labeling and deposit accounting, as well as mandatory membership of Deutsche Pfandsystem GmbH (DPG). Without this, market participation is not possible.


Der Grüne Punkt cannot exempt affected bottlers and canners that are new to the the market with their deposit-bearing beverage products the from the legal requirements, but it can certainly provide the best possible support.


How does this work? Firstly, with personal advice. After all, selling beverages under the one-way deposit system is not always the best solution for a company. Especially for smaller companies with a limited number of containers, there are often other options that are more economically interesting. On request, our experts will analyze the customer-specific situation and provide individual advice.


Once the entry into the deposit business for disposable drinks packaging has been decided, Der Grüne Punkt is a high-performance service provider for deposit account management. Our maxim here is to relieve the customer. From checking incoming deposit accounts to archiving, we take care of every single step reliably and quickly. We offer suitable options for integrating deposit accounting into your internal processes - everything is so well set up and prepared that only the payment needs to be instructed. And last but not least, our deposit specialists score points with a wide range of evaluation options - customized, of course.

Mandatory deposit yes or no?

Our quick checklist for you:

  1. Your packaging is a single-use beverage packaging with a filling volume of 0.1 l to 3.0 l

  2. It is not made of cardboard (block, gable or cylinder packs)

  3. It is not a polyethylene tubular bag or foil stand-up pouch

3x a yes? Then your packaging could be subject to a deposit.

The binding classification is carried out by the Stiftung Zentrale Stelle Verpackungsregister ZSVR (Central Agency Packaging Register). Extended deposit obligation for single-use beverage packaging (

Der Grüne Punkt is an approved service provider for deposit account management at the DPG and also assists its deposit customers with the complex DPG registration process. 


Interested? Write to us. We are happy to provide information and help.