Circular Valley

Circular Valley®


Circular Valley® is a globally unique hotspot for the establishment of a future-oriented circular economy. The focus is on closing material loops in the sense of the European Green Deal. With the Circular Economy Accelerator, Circular Valley® supports international start-ups in implementing their innovative business ideas and technologies.


In order to actively participate in the transformation towards a sustainable and climate-neutral economy, Der Grüne Punkt is committed to Circular Valley®.


Spende Dein Pfand

Donate Your Deposit!


In a joint initiative with German airports and charitable organizations, Der Grüne Punkt is creating jobs for the long-term unemployed – while also encouraging recycling of single-use beverage packaging.


As almost everyone knows, airport security is the final destination for drink bottles. Most of them end up in the bin because travelers have no better solution on the fly. All of that is changing with the Spende dein Pfand (“Donate Your Deposit”) initiative. Passengers can find large transparent “Donate Your Deposit” collection containers at many German airports for them to drop off their empty drink bottles.


Formerly long-term unemployed people empty, clean, and maintain the containers in most cases. They also sort bottles into single-use and reusable and pack them into special bags. Der Grüne Punkt takes care of the rest: collecting the bags, organizing the deposit, and recycling cans and bottles. The deposit is used to finance the jobs that have been created or to benefit charitable projects.


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