Transport packaging – the obligations you must fulfill

In principle, transport packaging is packaging that is not subject to system participation. The German Packaging Act (VerpackG) essentially stipulates three producer obligations for this type of packaging:

Transportverpackung aus Pappe beim Eingeben in die Presse
  • Since July 3, 2021: Manufacturers must indicate the obligation to take back free of charge used, empty packaging of the same type, shape and size as that placed on the market at the place of actual delivery or in its immediate vicinity.
  • Since 2022: Due to extended verification and documentation obligations, manufacturers must prepare verifiable internal documentation of the packaging placed on the market, taken back and recycled in mass per material fraction in the previous year by 15 May each year.
  • Since July 1, 2022: Extension of the registration obligation in LUCID to all packaging not subject to system participation, including transport packaging.

We explain how you can fulfill your obligations and how we can support you in doing so.

What is Transport Packaging?

Transport packaging is packaging that facilitates the handling and transportation of goods in such a way that direct contact and transport damage are avoided. It is typically not intended to be passed on to the end consumer (Section 3 (1) No. 3 VerpackG).

Transportverpackungen verbleiben üblicherweise im Handel und werden dort abgeholt

Obligations arising from the German Packaging Act (VerpackG)

This means that transport packaging does not count as packaging subject to system participation, but in accordance with Section 15 (1) VerpackG, manufacturers and downstream distributors in the supply chain are obliged to take back used packaging free of charge at the place where it is actually handed over or in its immediate vicinity and to reuse or recycle it accordingly.

This obligation can, of course, be fulfilled by the manufacturers concerned themselves, or they can commission appropriate service providers with this task.

How can Der Grüne Punkt be of assistance to you?

As the (dual) system with the most experience on the market, we have an internal organizational infrastructure in place in the event that collection points confront you as the responsible producer with a take-back request for transport packaging, which generally makes it possible to carry out a needs-based take-back at such collection points.


This means that we organize the one-off or regular take-back and proper recycling on your behalf once such a collection point has been designated. Would you like a quote? Then simply fill out our form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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