In cooperation with the cyclos-HTP Institute, Der Grüne Punkt has developed tools that enable the user to classify the recyclability of his packaging.


CHIRA was developed as a multifunctional tool for assessing recyclability and ecological packaging optimization. Intelligent query menus for individual packaging types enable the user to evaluate packaging and to create article number-specific packaging in the packaging archive, for example. The evaluation is carried out for all material types with EU-wide scope in national differentiation conforming to the German minimum standard and ISO 14021.

D4Reasy enables you to have your packaging checked by us with the help of CHIRA without having to purchase the software and familiarize yourself with it. With D4Reasy, you get results quickly, conveniently and cost-effectively.

Mit D4Reasy leicht und kostengünstig die Recyclingfähigkeit von Verpackungen eingschätzen lassen

Your advantages

  • Quick orientation when evaluating the recyclability of your packaging
  • Concrete explanation of the result
  • Transparent design standard of the independent institute cyclos HTP
  • Corresponds to the minimum standard of the Central Packaging Register
  • Covers all common packaging materials

CHIRA – the IT tool for packaging analysis


The flyer informs about the features and advantages of the new software for the analysis of packaging. Click here to download


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DESIGN4RECYCLING – Designing plastic packaging


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