Do you already use CHiRA?

The multifunctional tool helps to measure recyclability and optimise packaging.

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Anyone who is concerned with packaging in business can feel the harbingers: Politics is putting pressure on.  The draft of the European Packaging Regulation (PPWR), for example, provides for a sales ban from 2030 on sales packaging that has a recyclability of less than 70 percent.


This makes it all the more important for the affected industry, the fillers and packaging manufacturers, to have a reliable instrument with advice available to analyse, optimise or redesign their packaging accordingly.


For this purpose, Grüner Punkt has developed the IT tool CHiRA in cooperation with the cyclos-HTP Institute (CHI). It enables the user to classify the recyclability of his packaging. Intelligent query menus for individual packaging types make it possible to evaluate packaging of all common materials and to create article number-specific packaging in the packaging archive. The evaluation is carried out for all material types in an international scope for 30 countries (EU, CH, UK, NOR) in national differentiation conforming to the German minimum standard and ISO 14021.


Experts from Grüner Punkt accompany this process, at the end of which there is a differentiated assessment result with a CHIRA report with comments and country-specific statements.


CHiRA is a recognised and established industry standard and is continuously adapted to the latest findings and technical innovations.

Need advice? Talk to the Grüner Punkt experts, even if you would like to acquire a CHiRA licence yourself: