Push for a more circular economy in Canada

Circular Economy Leadership Canada and Circular Innovation Council have launched an action plan

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The non-profit association of leading companies, non-governmental organisations and sustainability experts, Circular Economy Leadership Canada, has developed an action plan for the circular economy together with the Circular Innovation Council 2023. This is intended to create a framework to accelerate this in Canada.


At the same time, the "Circular Economy Action Plan" reflects the content and results of the Canadian Circular Economy Summit, which took place in Toronto, Canada, in the summer of 2023.


Five factors were identified as the most important drivers of the circular economy:


  • Information,
  • collaboration,
  • policy,
  • innovation and
  • investment.


Different packages of measures have been assigned to them, geared towards achieving short-term results in a two-year period and a target horizon of ten years.


The CE Action Plan is intended as an open source guide and will be further developed at the next Circular Economy Summit 2025 in Montréal, Québec.


Read more about this under the following link CE Action Plan for Canada (circulareconomysummit.ca)