From packaging licensing to recyclable packaging

Der Grüne Punkt launches seminar programme in English in 2024

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To ensure that language barriers are not an obstacle to system participation, Der Grüne Punkt will be offering the popular online seminar format "The basics of packaging licensing - for anyone new to packaging licensing" in English once every six months from March 2024.


Experienced Green Dot experts will explain how the dual system and waste separation work in Germany and provide information about the legal regulations and the service package of the dual system Der Grüne Punkt.


Regardless of the reasons why the participants of the online seminar need to familiarise themselves with the topic of packaging licensing, our holistic beginners' seminar "The basics of packaging licensing" is the right place for them.


Design4Recycling another top topic


For packaging manufacturers and those responsible for packaging in the areas of purchasing and product development, up-to-date knowledge about the recyclability of packaging is indispensable. After all, the European Packaging & Packaging Waste Regulation (PPWR) is expected to be adopted at the beginning of 2024. This will include a ban on the sale of sales packaging with a recyclability of less than 70 per cent from 2030. In addition, recycled content in plastic packaging is to be taken into account in the EPR fees ("licence fees").


In the all-in-one online seminar "Recyclable packaging - a MUST. Required by law, demanded by the market" in April 2024, participants will therefore receive an overview of the key policy requirements. They will learn everything they need to know about the criteria for Design4Recycling with the German minimum standard of the Central Agency Packaging Register (ZSVR) and the measurability of the sortability and recyclability of packaging.


This enables seminar participants to assess what makes standard packaging recyclable and how Der Grüne Punkt can support them in this. New: We can discuss packaging examples from our seminar guests on request.


► After the respective presentations of both online seminars, there will be an opportunity to ask questions.

Thank you for your interest. Information and registration here