Casala® Curvy Circular aus Systalen® Rezyklat

Casala®, well-known manufacturer of design and project furniture, in close collaboration with Der Grüne Punkt, produces chairs whose seats and backrests are made of 100% recycled plastic of the Systalen® brand. The frames of the Curvy Circular chairs are made of steel with a maximum accepted recycling rate and finished with non-toxic chrome III.


The result is high-quality, durable designer chairs with plastic parts made from 100% recycled Systalen® PP! Due to the high demands on technology, quality and innovation, the production of the Curvy Circular chairs is an important project for both Der Grüne Punkt and Casala.

Produced from our own secondary raw materials, the Curvy Circular chairs and bar stools combine different requirements such as good seating comfort, a businesslike look and, of course, a sustainable character.


That's why we have equipped all meeting rooms and canteens in our new office building with them.


Casala® Curvy Circular Barhocker aus Systalen® Rezyklat

Video to the joint project of casala® and DerGrünePunkt:

Nachhaltiges Wirtschaften mit dem hochreinen Kunststoffrezyklat Systalen

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