EU regulation on waste shipments on its way

European Council and Parliament reach agreement in trilogue procedure. Exports outside OECD countries will be stopped in principle, exceptions are possible.

News Bild EU regulation on waste shipments on its way

The European Council and the European Parliament have agreed on the new European Waste Shipment Regulation in the trilogue procedure, as Euwid reports. According to this, exports of plastic waste to non-OECD countries will be banned in principle. Exceptions are possible upon application – the country submitting the application must demonstrate high waste management standards.


If it assesses the application positively, the European Commission can lift the export ban by means of a so-called delegated act. The export bans are to take effect 30 months after the new regulation comes into force. The application deadlines for existing export relationships should be designed in such a way that there are no interruptions if the Commission considers the requirements for a license to be fulfilled.


Exports to OECD countries outside of the EU, such as Turkey, would therefore remain possible, but would be better monitored to prevent damage to the environment and human health in the destination country.


Within the European Union, the export of waste for disposal will only be permitted in exceptional cases. Exports of waste for recovery will be subject to stricter requirements.


The agreement endorses the establishment of an enforcement group to prevent and detect illegal shipments. The Commission is authorized to carry out inspections in cooperation with the national authorities if there is sufficient suspicion of illegal waste shipments.


The agreement still needs to be formally confirmed by the European Council and the European Parliament before the regulation can enter into force.