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Italy postpones "Plastics Tax" again and France takes action against cheat packaging

News Bild Italy postpones "Plastics Tax" again and France takes action against cheat packaging

The Italian government has postponed the introduction of the "Plastics Tax" on single-use plastic products for the sixth time. The levy, which was originally scheduled to come into force on July 1, 2020, will now not come into force until mid-2024, as the Italian Ministry of Finance announced when presenting the budget for the coming year. The "Plastics Tax" provides for a levy of EUR 450/t for single-use plastic products and products without the use of recyclates and biodegradable polymers. The planned tax on sugary and carbonated drinks ("sugar tax") was also postponed. Together, the two taxes are expected to raise around one billion euros for the budget each year.


France actively combating hidden inflation


According to an announcement by French Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire, France wants to take legal action against "shrinkflation". In future, manufacturers will be obliged to inform consumers if the content of a product is reduced but the price remains unchanged.


The draft law, which has been on the table since mid-September, aims to prevent manufacturers from reducing the quantity of a product while keeping the price the same, without clearly informing customers. This practice is to be added to the list of unfair and prohibited commercial practices. This should make it possible to sanction this practice in France without having to investigate the circumstances in detail.