All sales packaging and secondary packaging that is passed on to the private final consumer is packaging subject to system participation.


This means that it must participate in the collection and recovery system of a dual system. Now it is important to clarify the most relevant questions and terms. Who must participate this packaging? The importer or the foreign producer or supplier?


In this case, I participate in the collection and recycling system of a dual system all packaging components in which my foreign supplier or producer delivers the goods to me and which are passed on to the private final consumer. The same applies to the packaging components that I add myself.

If I am legally responsible for the imported goods when they cross the border, I participate all packaging components in the collection and recycling system of a dual system in which I send the goods to final consumers. Especially important for online retailers is the regulation for dispatch packaging! These (e.g. shipping bags with or without air cushions, other envelopes, shipping cartons, filling material such as polystyrene chips, cushioned cardboard or bubble packs, tissue paper, stretch films, bubble films, foam films, parcel tape, delivery note bags, straps or corrugated cardboard) are also subject to participation and must be registered.

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