As a certified waste disposal specialist, Der Grüne Punkt is the right partner for you to handle all your logistical operations for bulk goods from the secondary raw material sector. This includes all types of recyclable materials being transported nationally by truck with approved storage, to transport across borders with international shipping.


For many years now, we have been delivering several hundred thousand tons of materials to their destinations each year – safely, on time, and cost-effectively. Our experienced team of trained logistical specialists find precisely the right means of transport for each load and place great value on securing your load properly.

Our haulers load and unload an enormous variety of vehicles in your area or near your premises every day.


Synergy saves money! We transport not only recyclable materials, but also finished products. We avoid empty loads. You save money and natural resources at the same time.

Our services are fast, reliable and safe. We provide you with the right means of transport for the goods you want transported. Thanks to years of experience and comprehensive quality control, we offer you maximally efficient transport at affordable prices.

You can choose from:

  1. Walking-floor trucks
  2. Tarpaulin trucks
  3. Tautliner trucks
  4. Truck containers
  5. Silo trucks

Our services for you:

  1. Loading
  2. Loading partial goods
  3. Loading parceled goods



If you wish to import or export recyclable materials, then Der Grüne Punkt is precisely the right partner for you. Our professionally qualified team at Der Grüne Punkt Logistics has developed an extensive worldwide network of dependable logistics partners, backed by rich experience in international business. It is no problem to get your goods properly and accurately dispatched.

Our services for you:

  1. Truck transport across Europe
  2. LCL/FCL container shipments
  3. Handling the formalities of customs
  4. Documentation



If you do not immediately find the right customer for the goods that you have produced or purchased, we will be pleased to help you.

Der Grüne Punkt will provide you with the storage facilities that you need. There is always sufficient space available for the storage of recyclable materials which in certain cases are subject to mandatory approval (e.g. plastics or waste paper) in accordance with the German Federal Emission Control Act (BimSchG).

Our services for you:

  1. Selection of suitable storage facilities
  2. Handling and storage
  3. Quality control for your goods during storage
  4. Loading sea containers



Head of Logistics department

Hans Didzoleit
Telephone: +49 2203 937747
Mobil: +49 171 2068090