2017/2018 Sustainability Report


The 2017/2018 Sustainability Report is the second GRI report released by the Der Grüne Punkt group. It is available in German and English, printed on certified recycled paper, and sent out using climate-neutral shipping. The report details our sustainability strategy, new measures, and progress.


The Sustainability Report also contains information about many flagship projects, including the first cosmetics product packaging made out of plastics from the yellow bag, which won Der Grüne Punkt the Germany Packaging Award 2019. They show what is possible with plastics recycling, and which plastics have already forged the path “from shelf to shelf,” staying in the economic cycle and saving large quantities of CO2.


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Recycling is the future


The Dual System’s environmental services and potential
The Öko-Institut drew up a comprehensive life-cycle analysis of the German Dual System and systematically analyzed potential development scenarios for the scheme for the first time. The report not only looks at the contribution that the Dual System currently makes to protecting the climate and environment, but also its potential for the future. The Dual System has considerable potential to make even greater efforts to foster climate change mitigation, environmental protection, and resource conservation in the future. The study details the conditions under which this can be brought to life.


The Öko-Institut study shows and quantifies the benefits of the Dual System for collecting and recycling sales packaging. One thing is clear: The Dual System still harbors considerable potential. Targeted advancement and optimization efforts can leverage this potential and further expand the benefits of the Dual System.


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Economic outlook for plastic recycling – the role of the Dual System


Plastic recycling has enormous development potential in Germany. A functioning market for recycled materials has already been established. The Dual System has played a key role here and also consistently expanded its economic benefits. The framework conditions will play a key role in its future development.


A study entitled “Economic outlook for plastics recycling – the Dual System’s role,” which RWI – Leibniz-Institut für Wirtschaftsforschung carried out on behalf of DSD – Duales System Holding GmbH & Co. KG, reaches these conclusions. In a study reviewed by an independent expert, the RWI also takes a look at the future. What do current developments and market trends indicate? What conditions need to be in place for us to expand the use of secondary commodities from post-consumer lightweight packaging? How will the market develop? This study makes an important contribution towards the discussion about effective pathways to a circular economy.


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