Der Grüne Punkt was founded in 1990 as the first dual system. As the first system of its kind worldwide, it has been providing nationwide collection of used sales packages and obtains raw materials from them for the closed-cycle economy. Today Der Grüne Punkt is a leading provider of take-back systems.


In order to liberate industrial firms and retailers from their individual take-back and recovery obligations under the German Packaging Ordinance, Der Grüne Punkt established a second (dual) disposal system besides the public-sector waste disposal service. As the first system of its kind worldwide, it has since 1991 been providing nationwide collection of used sales packages and obtains raw materials from them for the closed-cycle economy.


The Green Dot ("Der Grüne Punkt") is worldwide protected and one of the most widely used trademarks. In many countries it is used as a financing symbol for packaging recycling. Der Grüne Punkt is a founding member of the European Grüner Punkt umbrella organization PRO Europe.

Due to the continuous improvement of services and processes, we want to keep constantly more and more recyclable materials in closed cycles, thus contributing significantly to the conservation of environmental resources and limiting greenhouse gas emissions.



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The Group with the Green Dot

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Der Grüne Punkt Holding

Innovations for take-back solutions

Der Grüne Punkt Holding GmbH & Co. KG synergizes the entrepreneurial activities of Der Grüne Punkt for a sustainable economy, one that keeps recyclables in closed circuits. The aim is to avoid wasting raw materials, and to minimize the impact on the climate and the natural environment.

Der Grüne Punkt – Duales System Deutschland GmbH

Most experienced dual system

Competence for secondary raw materials, Environmental Consulting and Waste Management.


The Green Dot (Der Grüne Punkt) has introduced the dual system in Germany and is one of the leading providers of other intelligent take-back systems.

Systec Plastics

High-tech Feedstocks for your Production

Systec Plastics produces ultrapure granules, compounds and other plastics. Under the brand name Systalen they stand for first-class quality. Made of post-consumer and post-industrial plastic waste they save fossil resources, energy and greenhouse gases, compared to the use of virgin material.

Competence for secondary raw materials

Der Grüne Punkt is one of the largest commodity traders in Europe. It markets metals, glass, plastics, and other materials, mainly obtained from post-consumer collections. It also develops new methods and ways of recycling for the different materials.

Der Grüne Punkt specifications for sorted recyclable materials from household collections set the standard for the entire industry. Using these data, the audit teams of Der Grüne Punkt monitor the quality of the raw materials provided.


The manufacturing of Systalen – granules, compounds and other recycled materials from polyolefin plastics in premium quality – is grounded on this broad commodity Basis.


High-quality – reliable – individualized

Systec Plastics production facilities are certified in accordance to EUCert. That allows plastic products made of Systalen in Germany to be signed with the eco-label "Blauer Engel", because eco-friendly and resource-efficient.


The main supplier of raw materials is the Green Dot (“Der Grüne Punkt”). One of the biggest providers among the dual systems in Germany ensures consistent quality and reliable supply.

The Company-Story

Founded on 28 September 1990

Foundation of the umbrella organization PRO EUROPE S.P.R.L.


License allocation of the “Der Grüne Punkt” brand to qualified collection and recovery systems abroad

Der Grüne Punkt launches the “2007 Innovation Program”:
Principal focuses:


alternative recovery options for mixed plastics


technical design enhancement for the collection and sorting of lightweight packages

Expansion of corporate capabilities:


take-back solutions for sales/transport/commercial packages/used electrical and electronic equipment


deposit clearing


recyclables trading



Systec Plastics GmbH with a production facility in Hörstel (North-Rhine Westphalia) joins the group

Processing begins for the packaging plastics from the Yellow Bin/Yellow Sack


Establishment of the “Sustainability Services” business unit with the Design4Recycling service for customer consultancy and analysis of recycling-friendly packages

Systec Plastics Eisfeld GmbH (Thuringia) joins the group

Brand registration for Systalen for high-quality recyclates from post-consumer plastic waste


Evaluating the recyclability of packages in conjunction with the cyclos-HTP Institute in Aachen

Pilot plant opened in Cologne for serial product development of Systalen

Development of the Systalen PRIMUS product line for manufacturing high-quality products from recyclate

First use of Systalen PRIMUS HDPE/PP in producing cleaning agent bottles and sealing caps

Foundation of the Quality Assurance Association Recyclates from Close-to-Home Recyclables Collections, symbolized by the RAL Quality Mark for % of recycled plastic

Modernisation and expansion of the Eisfeld facility for the proecessing of flexibles


From Shelf to Shelf with Systalen:


German Packaging Prize for Systalen now being used in Frosch Senses shower gel bottles and thus for the first time in a cosmetics package

Premiere of a tube with a body made 96 % of Systalen PRIMUS at the K trade fair

Short-term objective: cosmetics approval for Systalen in conjunction with the pilot plant, production facilities and industrial partners


Vision: “food-grade”