Sales packaging in its diversity holds great potential for being returned to the material cycle through recycling. The German Packaging Act (VerpackG), which replaced the German Packaging Ordinance (VerpackV) in 2019, also provides for this material recycling for the vast majority of sales packaging. Manufacturers and other distributors (or dealers) are obliged to participate in a dual system for their sales packaging - commonly known as "sales packaging licensing" or "packaging licensing".



In their sheer diversity, sales packages have an inherently magnificent potential for being recycled and fed back into the circular economy. The German Packaging Act (VerpackG) also specifies this material recycling for the vast majority of sales packages. Companies are obligated to participate in a dual system with the sales packages they have issued – often mentioned as "packaging license". Der Grüne Punkt supports you in meeting the obligations for your business, shop or online shop under the German Packaging Act (VerpackG). We handle the disposal and recycling processes for all packages with which you participate in our dual system.

What is sales packaging? Correctly recognizing sales packages as defined by the German Packaging Act

Cardboard boxes, plastic wrapping, glass containers... Packages come in all shapes and sizes made of different materials. The German Packaging Act (VerpackG) contains comprehensive regulations and definitions relating to the various types of packaging available.

The term sales packaging describes packages that are offered as a stock-keeping unit and are encountered at private final consumers, meaning at private households and comparable places of origination. Comparable places of origination include small and mid-tier companies that dispose of their waste (paper, board, cartons, glass and lightweight packages) using collection containers of a typical household size. For this purpose, an emptiable container measuring not more than 1,100 liters may be used for each material grouping in a typical household rhythm. Packaging from the gastronomy or trade and others used to hand over goods to the consumer count as sales packaging as well. Anyone putting these sales packages into circulation is obligated to participate with them in dual system.

Which packaging is subject to system participation?


The Central Packaging Registry (ZSVR), which was set up in the Packaging Act, has published a system participation requirement catalogue, which shows which packaging the ZSVR considers to be subject to system participation. If you cannot find your packaging in the catalogue, you can submit a corresponding application for classification to the ZSVR.

A package can fulfill various purposes, such as containment, safe-keeping for transport or presentation of packed products. Especially in retail and online retail large amounts of packaging waste are often generated in this way. Therefore, an annual declaration of completeness has to be submitted by companies that in one year put into circulation more than


  • 80,000 kilograms of glass,
  • 50,000 kilograms of paper, board or cartons or
  • 30.000 kilograms of plastics, tinplate, aluminum or composites

The declaration of completeness must have been drawn up by 15 May of the following year by an external appraiser. Anyone remaining below these limit values is not obligated to submit this documentation, but can be so requested by the government agencies.

Packages in the retailing sector Classical sales channel
Packages in direct sales Online shops are a frequent example

*“Private consumers” also include what are called equivalent places of origination, i.e. cafeterias, hospitals, etc.



Sales packaging license – Our services involving the participation for sales packages


By participating in the dual system of Der Grüne Punkt, you meet all your requirements as a manufacturer or distributor under the German Packaging Act in a legally compliant, convenient form, and benefit from the numerous advantages we can offer you as an innovative solution provider in the circular economy.

Our services in overview

Issuing the legally compliant packaging license
With the packaging license, you are participating in the dual system of Der Grüne Punkt, the prestigious and most experienced provider in Germany.

Access to a user-friendly online service
You will be given access to our practical reporting scheme, under which you can process all the formalities involved in your packaging license with time-saving efficiency.

Using the Der Grüne Punkt trademark
By concluding our trademark utilization contract, you receive the right to use the internationally recognized trademark for the German market.

Disposal service for packages
We will be pleased to provide you with transparent advice on our comprehensive recycling solutions, and will gladly submit the appropriate non-binding quotations.

Participate in our dual system in order to fulfill your obligations from the new German Packaging Act 2019. In addition, the trademark utilization contract allows you to label your sales packaging with the well-known trademark “Der Grüne Punkt”. Since 1990 “Der Grüne Punkt” has been symbolizing producers´ responsibility.


Our user-friendly online service makes it easy for you to manage all data concerning your packaging license. Save time by accessing everything you need for licensing your sales packaging and declaring your packaging amounts online!


The most important advantage of our Dual system offers you is the timely and professional and disposal of your packaging. Whether transport packaging, secondary packaging or sales packaging, we offer solutions for the recovery, disposal and recycling.

Packaging license for export in the EU

You export your products to other EU countries? Then you should know the respective guidelines for packaging licensing. We are one of the founders of PRO Europe umbrella organization where systems of collection and recovering packages have joined forces to support producers in fullfilling national legal requirements. They will be pleased to provide advice and practical assistance.



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With the packaging license for your products at Der Grüne Punkt’s dual system, you are rightly putting your trust in the most experienced provider. Our extensive online services assure you of transparent, quick and easy licensing and tracking of your sales packages.



Please feel free to send us a non-binding inquiry!

Der Grüne Punkt – Sales packaging license from a strong Brand

For consumers, packaging often contributes to the decision for or against a product. This now includes an eco-friendly packaging design.


With our trademark utilization contract, you can secure the well-known, prestigious Der Grüne Punkt trademark for your packages at low cost. This trademark is one of the best-known worldwide, and has many benefits for your brand values. No other brand is so closely associated with environmental protection through recycling by consumers. Trust in more than twenty five years of experience and the quality of our work. Secure all the advantages of Der Grüne Punkt for your brand now.

Facts on the "Der Grüne Punkt" trademark

  • Der Grüne Punkt has in Germany an awareness level of 98 per cent and is one of the best-known trademarks worldwide as well
  • The trademark is used in 31 European nations as a financing or participation symbol, find out more
  • Der Grüne Punkt has been symbolizing producers’ responsibility since 1990
  • Der Grüne Punkt appears on more than 400 billion packages every year
  • Der Grüne Punkt in Germany conducts a dialogue on Facebook with more than 40,000 fans, and on its “MeinGrünerPunkt” blog reaches 30,000 readers a year.


Would you like to use our trademark "Der Grüne Punkt" on your packaging? Please contact us – we will be pleased to advise you on the conclusion of our Trademark Utilization Contract.


Besides these services, the corporate capabilities of Der Grüne Punkt also include further comprehensive services for a circular economy. Along the entire value added chain, Der Grüne Punkt offers sustainable solutions ranging from production to material recycling. Through our product Systalen, our premium recyclate from the Yellow Sack, we are already offering a secondary raw material that is in no way inferior to raw materials from fossil resources and is a fully adequate substitute.

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