A sustainable package is not only characterized by the use of the materials concerned, but is also crucially influenced by the design and the processing involved. Design for Recycling is the solutional approach for already assuring maximized success in recovery during the design stage for a sustainable package. In other words, taking into due consideration the recyclability of the material being used, and assuring a recycling-friendly design.


Products that are meanwhile on the market can also, of course, be scrutinized for optimization potentials in close collaboration with us as recycling experts, and improved for the recycling process. The goal is always to be able to re-use the resources employed for production, and thus to keep them in the closed cycle.

DESIGN4RECYCLING – Designing plastic packaging


How does Design4Recycling work in plastic packaging? Our brochure informs about this with introduction, material and checklists. Download your copy.


What exactly is design for recycling?

Packages are modern-day omni-competent all-rounders! They protect the product, render it optimally available, and inform the consumers. In short, it’s hard to imagine life without them. But packages often accompany us for a brief time only, and after use should not be thrown away as waste, since they contain recyclable materials. To enable these resources to be utilized, and thus close the material cycle, it is essential to think about packaging design and the recyclability of the material used at the early design stage, and to assure a recycling-friendly construction.


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With our advice, you will find answers to many important questions:


  • How well can particular packages be recycled?
  • What must the manufacturer bear in mind during sustainable packaging design in order to enhance recyclability?
  • How can the manufacturer benefit from this?

Examples of successful Design for Recycling


Here you will find some examples of packages excellently amenable to being recycled, which we have analyzed on behalf of our customers. Besides analyzing your packages, we also support you with consultancy when it comes to planning new packaging, and during our in-house training events for the fields of packaging development and marketing we provide you with comprehensive insights into package recycling and the possibilities opened up by design for recycling.


Successful examples

What precisely facilitates the recycling of a package?

This will always depend on the particular package involved, its purpose and the qualities it is required to possess. This is why it’s imperative to plan the package holistically right from the start, so as to do maximum justice to the task involved and the targeted recyclability.


Factors producing fundamentally beneficial effects on recyclability include


  • light coloring in the case of plastic packages
  • using monomaterials instead of a material mix
  • an optimized labeling solution for the package concerned
  • an optimized closure solution for the package concerned
  • separability of components in the recycling process

The quintessentials of Design for Recycling


A recycling-friendly packaging solution is the quintessence of sustainability – it assures resource-economy during production, simplifies collection, recovery and recycling, and is made available to manufacturers again as a high-quality secondary raw material.


Join with us in formulating your concept for your sustainable package. We support you in determining and improving the recyclability of your packages.