The dual system is one of the largest purchasers for waste management services. Throughout Germany the dual systems assign disposal companies with the collection and processing of used sales packaging.


The engaging of contracts takes place through tenders. The allocation of contract areas and proportions is based on market shares, which are calculated by a clearing center.

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Free market economy means competition with fair rules. Competition and tendering are essential for efficiency in packaging disposal and waste management in General.

Der Grüne Punkt – Duales System Deutschland GmbH (DSD) regularly calls for tenders for contracts for the collection and sorting of lightweight packaging and glass packaging.

Information about current calls can be found here and on our tendering platform.

The Central Body (ZSVR) is required under Section 26(1) second sentence Nos 14 to 16 of the Packaging Act to publish the (provisionally) allocable market shares determined. The (provisionally) allocable market shares can be found on the ZSVR website.

The DSD market share and the individual cost shares are available at

wme.fact is an efficient software for effective material flow management and convenient documentation specially developed for companies in the recycling and disposal industry.

wme.fact facilitates material management administration – for different flows of material. The documentation provides extensive verification for all inspection authorities and auditors.

Access is protected and for registered users only.

On an external web platform, Der Grüne Punkt provides recycling companies, forwarders and sorting plants with operative data and collects reports on newly produced volumes.

Access is only available for sorting companies, refining companies and recycling companies as well as forwarders.

DSD Operativ makes it possible to manage the administration of services online and to view the current status of open or closed orders.

You will find updated information in our download section on the following topics

  1. Specifications
    Der Grüne Punkt's product specifications and contractual terms
  2. Sorting assistance
    Practical sorting assistance concerning the yellow bin or yellow bag in mail format as a pdf printout
  3. Avoiding incorrect glass disposal
    Sticker informing which material can and can not be disposed in the bottlebank
  4. Trademark Green Dot (Der Grüne Punkt)
    The Green Dot is the registered trademark of Der Grüne Punkt – Duales System Deutschland GmbH and is protected as a trademark worldwide.