D4R workshops with individual customisation

In-house, online or workshop with excursion – customised by Der Grüne Punkt

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From a full-day intensive seminar with an excursion to a modern Grüner Punkt recycling plant, to in-house workshops at your company or a customised online seminar – together with our team of experts, we will tailor the right format for you.


The politically and socially driven topic of measuring the recyclability of packaging and the decision to optimise or redesign packaging brings together the areas of packaging design, technology and marketing in companies. It is about analysing weak points and possibilities for changes in the use of packaging materials. In many cases, questions arise that cover a broad spectrum. What influences the recyclability of packaging, how can recyclability be measured, what legal regulations need to be considered? And above all: How does "our" packaging perform when it comes to measuring recyclability?


Der Grüne Punkt provides answers to these questions in its customised D4R workshops, but first its experts conduct a preliminary discussion and address the key questions in each case.


This usually results in three thematic blocks:


  1. Sorting and recycling lightweight packaging, especially plastic

  2. Legal bases and developments that need to be anticipated

  3. Analysis of the individually specified packaging examples and identification of optimisation potential

The format booked by the customer determines whether the tour of a Grüner Punkt recycling plant is then carried out live or virtually, whether the packaging solutions are analysed together or already prepared by Der Grüne Punkt. The spectrum ranges from intensive seminars with plant tour, to in-house workshops at the company, to individual online seminars with the responsible employees.


No matter which format you choose. Our aim is for seminar participants to be able to put the knowledge they have learnt into practice quickly and correctly.


The Krefeld-based pet food manufacturer RONDO FOOD decided in favour of the D4R in-house workshop with Der Grüne Punkt. This is how it went.


Expert knowledge is valuable, which is why our workshops and seminars are chargeable. Customers of Der Grüne Punkt naturally receive special conditions.


Are you interested in a customised format? Then please get in touch with us.


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