Packaging analysis with certificate

How Der Grüne Punkt supports you on the way to EU-wide certification

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Political pressure from legislators and market demands are leading the way: Sustainable packaging is becoming more important than ever. The resources used to produce packaging should be as reusable as possible and thus remain in the material cycle. Therefore, in addition to the choice of materials and resources, the design and processing of the packaging also play a major role. The assessment of the recyclability of packaging materials becomes a decisive guide: Can the packaging design remain? Does it need to be optimised or redesigned?


Der Grüne Punkt is an experienced partner at your side here, not only for the reliable initial assessment via the D4Reasy service, but also when a differentiated analysis of packaging is required.


Our Design4Recycling experts discuss the process with you, you commission us and then the experts from Der Grüne Punkt actively take over and support the packaging analysis process for the client. This includes the packaging assessment by the cyclos-HTP institute and, depending on the packaging and customer order, the near-infrared analysis (NIR) or the examination by the Papiertechnische Stiftung (PTS).


Finally, you will receive a detailed assessment result with exact percentages and a test report from the independent expert based on the requirements and assessment catalogue of the cyclos-HTP Institute for EU-wide certification.


Important: The consulting and analysis package includes "your" certificate of recyclability for packaging from cyclos-H T P. It documents the analysis results at a glance. This means that you are ideally positioned and able to provide information when retailers ask about the degree of recyclability of packaging.


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