PRO Europe publishes participation fees 2024

“Participation Costs Overview” now available for 31 countries

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PRO Europe s.r.l. (Packaging Recovery Organization Europe) is the umbrella organization of the European Green Dot systems and general licensor of the ”Der Grüne Punkt” (Green Dot) brand for Europe. Many customers of the German Green Dot, who distribute packaging to various national markets throughout Europe and fulfil their producer responsibility, work successfully with PRO Europe partner organizations. A total of 31 country organizations are united under the PRO Europe umbrella, including recognized take-back systems outside the European Union, e.g., in Norway, Israel and Turkey.


Each PRO Europe member organizes the efficient implementation of appropriate national collection and recycling schemes, especially for retail and household packaging in their respective countries. However, the respective legal requirements and national recycling targets vary. In addition, there are differences in the take-back infrastructure for packaging and differences in the services offered by the national “Green Dot” organizations. As a result, the costs of system participation and brand use vary from country to country.


In order to ensure the best possible cost transparency, PRO Europe publishes the "Participation Costs Overview" for the current year on its website in the first quarter of each year based on the information provided by the members.


More information and the download link for the "Participation Costs Overview 2024" can be found here.


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