What makes packaging recyclable?

Top information through online events on Design for Recycling – now also in English

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Der Grüne Punkt is expanding its extensive range of seminars, and English courses are being added. From April, the popular D4R seminar "Recyclable packaging – a MUST" will be offered in English. Like its German counterpart, it is aimed at packaging manufacturers and those responsible for packaging in the areas of purchasing, product development and QA food and non-food. The highlight is that participants can send a sample packaging after registering for the seminar. Our speakers will assess its recyclability and then incorporate this into the practical part of the event.


After this seminar


  • you will have an overview of policy requirements and an insight into the draft European Packaging & Packaging Waste Regulation (PPWR)

  • you are familiar with the criteria for Design4Recycling and the measurability of the sortability and recyclability of packaging

  • you know what makes standard packaging recyclable and how Der Grüne Punkt can help.


Der Grüne Punkt seminar portfolio also covers other topics:


  • Basic knowledge for newcomers to packaging licensing: This seminar programme is now also available in English

  • German and European packaging law with information on German Packaging Act (VerpackG), Packaging & EU Packaging Waste Regulation (PPWR), German Single Use Plastics Fund Act (Einwegkunststoff-FondsG) (seminars in German)

  • Recycling of packaging with on-site and online offers: Visits to sorting plants in Germany, compact seminars at Grüner Punkt processing plant locations in Hörstel and Eisfeld, online format "Recyclate use in food packaging – introduction to chemical recycling". Der Grüne Punkt provides information on the state of the art and possible applications. (seminars in German)


The seminars can be booked via Der Grüne Punkt website and are subject to a charge. A customer relationship is welcome, but not mandatory. Documents will be made available afterwards.


Here you will find an overview of all topics and the option to register directly.