Gies ecoline aus 100 % Systalen®

Gies ecoline series made from 100 % Systalen®

Following the company's guiding principle Quality in Plastics - Acting for the Future, the injection molding article manufacturer Gies has already been marketing various products made from 100% Systalen® plastic regranulate under the 'ecoline' brand since 2015. All ecoline products are made of high-quality PP (polypropylene) recyclate and of a color brilliance not previously known from recycled products.

The Gies Ecoline series helps to close the recycling loop. For active protection of the environment through less CO2 emission and saved energy resources.

Recycling loop of Gies ecoline

Video on the production of the Gies ecoline from Systalen®:

Raw material of the future - Production of the Ecoline series from Gies, made from Systalen

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