As a specialist in sustainable plastic injection molding, the Jokey Group has been successfully using our Systalen® plastic recyclate in packaging of all shapes and volumes for many years.


With the Jokey Eco Concept, the company from the Bergisches Land region is pursuing a clear objective: maximum product functionality with a minimum ecological footprint. Jokey thus produces packaging from up to 100% recycled material - with optimum product protection and full design freedom.


Understanding plastic as a valuable raw material and keeping it 100% in the cycle is reflected in the company-wide consistent focus on energy and resource efficiency.


Grey is the new green - by Jokey
RAL Gütezeichen - Jokey

Returning Jokey packaging to the recyclable materials cycle is part of the company's 360° responsibility.


With the RAL quality mark "% recycled plastic", the Jokey Group shows that recycled plastic recovered from the yellow bag and the yellow garbage can is used in the packaging.

Video about the Jokey Eco Concept 2.0:

The Jokey Eco Concept 2.0

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