Shrinktray with Systalen® recyclate

Innovative joint project by Nestlé Germany & DerGrünePunkt

The project represents an innovative breakthrough in the recycling of post consumer film waste. Thanks to technical innovations and intensive teamwork, it has been possible to produce a particularly pure Systalen® LDPE recyclate that can be used in films. This means that PCR film waste from household collection (yellow bag & yellow garbage can) can be used again as film, i.e. film thus becomes film again, packaging becomes packaging again.




While there are functioning cycles for rigid plastics from packaging waste, films have so far lagged behind. Recyclates from them came back into use in rather simple products, but mostly not in films. 


Therefore, the joint project with Nestlé and the Green Dot is a milestone for all parties involved and after a successful test phase, Nestlé is now successively converting in all plants.


From film to film

Schrumpftray mit Systalen® LDPE Rezyklat

Video of the joint project of Nestlé and DerGrünePunkt:

Nestlé und der Grüne Punkt bei der Systec Plastics Eisfeld GmbH

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