From the yogurt cup to the yellow bag to the ink eraser

The Pelikan SUPER-PIRAT® eco consists of 70 percent Systalen®. The starting material for the ink eraser is plastic waste collected in the German yellow bag and yellow garbage can, for example yogurt cups.

Recycling and production of SUPER-PIRAT® eco also take place entirely in Germany. This makes the cooperation between Pelikan and Der Grüne Punkt an excellent example of how sustainable value creation can be implemented in Germany.

Pelikan SUPER-PIRAT® eco mit Systalen® PP Rezyklat

Pelikan is setting standards with the use of recycled plastic from near-half collection in high-quality writing instruments.


At the same time, the project shows that Systalen® recyclate can also be used to make contact-sensitive products that are in no way inferior to new plastic in terms of functionality and product safety. And a functioning recycling economy for plastics can help to become less dependent on problematic raw material imports and to retain industrial jobs in Germany or even create new ones.



Video about the production of SUPER-PIRAT® eco with Systalen® recyclate:

Cooperation with Pelikan: an ink eraser made from plastic waste

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