TEKU® plant pots made of Systalen® recyclate

Outside blue, inside green


Together with the company Pöppelmann, we have developed the TEKU® business unit with Circular360 recyclable plant pots. These are made of 100 percent of our post-consumer recyclate (PCR) and thus make an outstanding contribution to the issue of resource conservation and climate protection through circular economy.

However, the TEKU® plant pots from Pöppelmann are not only made of resource-saving Systalen® recyclate, but can also be completely recycled again after use. To optimize recycling, the manufacturer of injection-molded and thermoformed plastic articles worked with the experts at DerGrünePunkt and took advantage of Design4Recycling consulting.


The result:

Already more than 3 billion plant pots that, after use and disposal in the yellow bag or yellow garbage can, can be easily detected in sorting facilities by the near-infrared (NIR) scanners for the PP fraction and thus optimally sorted for recycling...


... from pot to pot to pot

Recycling loop by Pöppelmann