Certain non-returnable beverage packages are in Germany subject to mandatory deposits.

Implementation of the deposit system and taking back the non-returnable packages involved is primarily a task for the bottlers/canners and the dealers. Der Grüne Punkt offers bottlers and canners who put beverage packages into circulation for the first time, and the retailing sector as the take-back player, customized service solutions – from logistics and deposit clearing all the way through to recovery.


The deposit system in overview

In the deposit system, companies can assume two different positions. Anyone who puts into circulation for the first time a beverage package subject to a mandatory deposit becomes the deposit account manager. The deposit is retained and managed by the initial distributor – i.e. the producers, bottlers/canners or importers. The party taking back the empties automatically becomes the claimant, since he has handed over the deposit money to the consumer. At deposit clearing, settlement is assured between the deposit account manager and the claimant.

Der Grüne Punkt offers you a customized service themed around coping with the individual tasks entailed by mandatory deposits. Besides deposit clearing for initial distributors and take-back companies, we also ensure that take-back of empties runs smoothly. As an innovative solution provider in the closed-cycle economy, we create superlative solutions for counting, logistics and recovery of the empties.

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Mandatory deposits apply to all beverage packages measuring between 0.1 and 3 liters. The only exceptions are ecologically advantageous non-returnable beverage packages. This category includes beverage cartons, beverage polyethylene pillow pouches, plus film stand-up pouches. All other non-returnable containers for beverages are subject to a mandatory deposit. The deposit is also levied when packages are sold among dealers, and is passed on through all stages of trading as far as the private consumer. Packages that are subject to a mandatory deposit must be designated as such. Anyone putting these non-returnable beverage packages into circulation is also obligated to take back the empties.


Our service in terms of deposit accounting

We support you in deposit accounting and deposit account management. From checking the deposit account data being received all the way through to final archival, we handle each individual step involved for you, quickly and reliably. We offer you numerous options for integrating deposit accounting into your own internal processes. You can expect maximized transparency from the multifaceted analytical options provided by your customized solution.

Our services themed around deposit clearing

On your behalf, we develop individually customized solutions for take-back of empties and claim assertion. Our spectrum of services ranges from reverse-vending-machine retrieval and deposit clearing all the way through to archival of the data from the accounting procedures. For optimum transparency, we provide you with multifaceted analytical options. Online, too, you can find out at any time the progress of your customized deposit clearing solutions.


Irrespective of whether you need just a single module or full-coverage service – we will always be pleased to help you.