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cyclos-HTP expands IT tool CHiRA to include an application for the environmental assessment of packaging

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With the support of Der Grüne Punkt, the cyclos-HTP institute has developed the IT tool CHiRA. It enables users to categorise the recyclability of their packaging.


The cyclos-HTP Institute has now introduced PACFAST (Packaging Carbon Footprint Fast and Standardised) for calculating the carbon footprint of packaging. The application uses an automatically generated file in CHiRA that contains all the packaging specifications relevant for calculating the carbon footprint of this packaging.


The practical advantage for companies: The calculation of the environmental profile for packaging products is significantly accelerated by PACFAST and can be used, for example, to create environmental assessments for sustainability reporting.


CHiRA is a recognised and established industry standard and - as PACFAST shows - is continuously adapted to the latest findings and technical innovations. This application is the result of a research partnership with the Holistic Assessment Department of the Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics IBP.

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