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The multifunctional tool measures and documents the recyclability of packaging

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Anyone who deals with packaging in their business can feel the harbingers: Politicians are exerting pressure. The draft European Packaging Regulation (PPWR) provides for a ban on the sale of sales packaging with a recyclability of less than 70 per cent from 2030.


This makes it all the more important for the affected industry, the bottlers and packaging manufacturers, to have a reliable tool with advice available to enable them to analyse, optimise or redesign their packaging accordingly.


With support from Der Grüne Punkt, the cyclos-HTP Institute has developed the IT tool CHiRA. It enables users to categorise the recyclability of their packaging. Intelligent query menus for individual types of packaging make it possible to assess packaging made of all common materials and to create item number-specific packaging archives. The assessment is carried out for all material types in an international scope for 30 countries (EU, CH, UK, NOR) in national differentiation in accordance with the German minimum standard and ISO 14021.


CHiRA is a recognised and established industry standard and is continuously adapted to the latest findings and technical innovations.


Der Grüne Punkt advises on CHiRA


No quantity limit: If you want to be flexible with regard to the number of packaging materials to be checked, CHiRA is the right choice for you. CHiRA is also an intelligent tool for ecological packaging optimization. The current packaging design created in CHiRA can be varied in individual design details such as coloring, labeling, closures, adhesives, fillers, etc. And with just a few clicks, the modified recyclability is then determined. This usage variant is not only interesting for packaging developers.


Der Grüne Punkt will be happy to advise you on the use of the IT tool. It is possible to purchase a single license or the multi-user version.


  • CHiRA users are ideally positioned when retailers ask about the degree of recyclability of packaging.

  • IT tool CHiRA for analysing an unlimited number of packaging.

About the cyclos-HTP Institute (CHI)

The cyclos-HTP Institute (CHI) was founded in May 2014 as a company for the classification, assessment and testing of the recyclability of packaging and goods, as well as research and development in this field, based in Aachen, Germany. The shareholders of the institute are the shareholders of cyclos GmbH and the shareholders of the engineering company HTP GmbH & Co. KG. Managing directors of the institute are Sandra Beckamp and Dr.-Ing. Joachim Christiani, one of the leading experts in the field of sorting and recycling technology in Europe.