Systalen® recyclates from Green Dot: Versatile use of recycled plastics

Presentation of new Systalen® products at the Plastics Recycling Show Europe (PRSE) in Amsterdam

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  • Replacement of virgin plastics with Systalen® recyclates
  • Green Dot presents product innovations at the PRSE consisting of up to 100% Systalen® recyclates
  • Holistic solutions for plastics recycling by combining mechanical and chemical recycling: Green Dot as a one-stop-shop


Cologne, May 5th 2023 Germany - The plastics industry is increasingly relying on the use of recycled plastics such as the recyclate Systalen® from Green Dot. The company, a leading provider of holistic solutions for the recyclability of plastics, has set standards in the use of plastics from post-consumer waste with its Systalen® material. Visitors to the PRSE in Amsterdam which will take place from May 10th to 11th, 2023 will be able to experience first-hand the many uses of Systalen® recyclates.


Use of Systalen® recyclates


Systalen® PP and LDPE recyclates are suitable for demanding as well as innovative applications and originate from household recycling collections retrieved from EPR systems. Systalen® can replace virgin plastics in many applications. A new generation of ink erasers from Pelikan, for example, consists of 70 percent Systalen®.


With the production of shrink foil for product bundles made from up to 50 percent Systalen® and thus made from post-consumer plastic waste, Green Dot has also achieved a breakthrough in the recycling of post-consumer foil. Waste accounts for up to 20 percent of content collected via EPR systems garbage. Says Jörg Deppmeyer, Managing Director of The Green Dot: "Plastic recycling has made enormous progress. However, it requires courageous organisations like The Green Dot to go ahead and use new techniques. The resulting functioning plastics circular economy can also help the economy become less dependent on problematic raw material imports."


Systalen® is produced at two technically advanced sites in Germany, which also manufacture customized Systalen® products upon customer request. Pre-sorted PP and LDPE bales serve as the starting material. After incoming inspection, shredding and cleaning, the plastic flakes are melted, degassed and filtered in the extruder. The resulting Systalen® plastic granules are a high-quality secondary raw material suitable for a wide range of applications.


Green Dot: Holistic solutions for plastics recycling


At PRSE in Amsterdam, Green Dot is not only providing information on the possible uses of recycled plastics prepared from plastic waste from the yellow bag. The company will also present its holistic solution for plastic recyclability. "Green Dot is developing a unique approach by combining sales packaging licensing and direct access to recyclables streams with both mechanical and chemical recycling on an international scale," comments Laurent Auguste, CEO of Green Dot.


The company's goal is to provide a holistic solution for the recyclability of the widest possible range of plastic waste, including waste streams that are not suitable for mechanical recycling. Today, this plastic waste is mostly incinerated or - outside Germany - even landfilled. Combining mechanical and chemical recycling on an industrial scale allows plastic waste that is currently lost from the value chain to be returned to the recycling loop. The ecological impact of packaging waste is thus reduced, as the fossil carbons contained in plastic are not released into the environment through recycling and, for example, promote climate change as CO2.


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The company Green Dot is a service provider for extended producer responsibility, a leading supplier of secondary raw materials for plastics and a premium producer of plastic recyclates. This makes the company one of the first solution providers for the requirements of the holistic recycling economy. The Green Dot® trademark was one of the companies that introduced and established the Dual System in Germany and stands for intelligent take-back systems and the development and marketing of innovative recyclates and services. At its sites in Eisfeld and Hörstel, the company produces high-quality recyclates for the international market under the brand name Systalen®.