How do customers view the service provided by Der Grüne Punkt?

Simple question, clear answer: Der Grüne Punkt's approval ratings in the latest customer satisfaction survey are rising in all areas.

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During the first three months, Der Grüne Punkt asked its customers for their opinion via the customer portal: Why did they sign a contract with Der Grüne Punkt, how satisfied are they with the services? The answers were predominantly positive.


In addition to the well-known brand, participants cited the simple registration and processing as the main reason for signing up with Der Grüne Punkt. Der Grüne Punkt is also attractively priced – this is one of the most important reasons for participating packaging with Der Grüne Punkt.


Customers rate our portal even better than last year – this is also due to other new functions, such as the addition of materials and additional payment options. Others are already being planned, such as a simpler price overview in response to customer requests and the improvement of the message “three digits after the decimal point should be possible – due to differences with billing in LUCID”.


For all individual criteria, such as response time, availability, professional competence, processing time and friendliness, the approval ratings were improved and the rejection ratings reduced: In terms of overall impression, 96 percent of respondents are satisfied to very satisfied. It is therefore not surprising that many customers would recommend us to others. The so-called Net Promoter Score (NPS) is therefore in the good to very good range, depending on the customer segment.