How is the use of used cartons regulated in the online business?

Online trading is booming. Parcel couriers are on the move day and night to get our orders to their destination - and not just before Christmas. The Packaging Act 2019 already brings new rules for online merchants themselves. According to the law, cardboard boxes and upholstery film with which online merchants pack their goods and send them to their customers are sales packaging. He has a product responsibility for these packagings - he must "participate" them in a dual system for take-back and recycling, i.e. register them and license them for a fee.

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But does this obligation also apply to used cartons?
The answer is not quite simple, it begins with: "In principle yes...". If the online retailer now continues to use a used carton to send animal feed to a customer, for example, it must be licensed under a dual system such as Der Grüne Punkt.


"But..." nobody has to pay twice either. If the shipping packaging has already been licensed beforehand, the material does not have to be invoiced again. This can be the case, for example, with a return that has been returned from the customer to the retailer.


By the way: Calculating offers and concluding contracts for quickt and safe licensing of your packaging is much easier than the technical question described here.


You can find our new license calculator VerpackGO here. If you have any questions - the competent customer centre of Der Grüne Punkt will be happy to help: anfrage(at)gruener-punkt(dot)de