Why do I have to register with the Central Agency even though I already participate in the Green Dot?

In a few days the time has come: from 1 January 2019, the German Packaging Act will replace the previous Packaging Ordinance. The law is intended to further strengthen recycling, but it also introduces new obligations for all those who put commercially packaged products for private end consumers on the market for the first time. Now it is high time to act. We will explain in detail what to expect.

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In the future, no one will be able to avoid their obligations: The newly established Central Agency has set up a manufacturer register called LUCID. The register applies to everyone who places packaging on the market - including online retailers and importers of packaged products. Here you have to register and indicate your packaging quantities according to the legal requirements. This register will be published in 2019, showing the names and brands of registered companies.


For the first time, this will provide transparency as to who is compliant with their packaging - and who is not. This was different in the past and therefore much more difficult to control.


In a few words:

  • The new law will apply from 1 January 2019.
  • A new authority, the Central Packaging Register Office, will ensure transparency and fair competition.
  • Caution: Without registration at the central office you are threatened with a sales ban for your products in Germany.