Ever since paper has existed, paper recycling has also been around – and today, waste paper is accounting for around 75 percent of the total raw material for the German paper industry. Waste paper recycling has a long tradition in Germany and is today more efficient than ever.


What is allowed in the paper garbage bin?

As with every recycling process, it is important that the waste paper is disposed of carefully and correctly sorted. In Germany and many other European countries, waste paper is collected systematically and very carefully, both at private as well as industrial and commercial sources. This guarantees a high value of the raw material for paper recycling and thus ultimately a high-quality end product.

Dispose of waste paper – but properly!

And that's why only paper, cardboard and cartons belong in the paper garbage – nothing else. For any other kind of waste, there is a separate collection container or a specific disposal route. You can find out exactly which one on the pages of the Green Dot!

What goes where?

Our practical web and print sorting assistance eliminates all doubts about sorting waste into yellow sack and yellow bin. Just download, print and install!