The recycling of plastics from the yellow bag and the yellow bin in Germany, as practized today by the Green Dot, leads to Systalen, a raw material for new products made of plastics. The recycling and recovery of plastic waste via the yellow bag and the yellow saves 1.26 tons of CO2 per ton of recycled plastics compared to incineration in an average German waste incineration plant. And what's more: Since plastics are only maintained in the cycle via material recycling, this results in the largest contribution possible to the protection of resources.

Recycled plastic is only suitable for park benches ...?

This is a widespread mistake. Today recycled plastic, also known as recyclate, is used for a wide variety of products and needs not hide behind new plastic. Thanks to innovative technology, the product range extends from logistics systems, plant pots and shopping baskets to packaging that can be found in (almost) every supermarket.

Einkaufskörbe der Gies Ecoline

Plastics Recycling with the Green Dot

Plastics Recycling with the Green Dot

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