27.06.2024 | ONLINE EVENT (TIME CET) Nachhaltige Verpackungen

Recyclable packaging - a MUST (webinar in English language)

Required by law, demanded by the market. The all-in-one D4R seminar from Der Grüne Punkt. New: We discuss packaging examples from our participants on request.

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    27.06.2024, 10:00
  • Ort Online event (Time CET)
  • End of event 11:30 a.m.
    Minimum number of participants 10 persons
    Preis 99,00 € p.p. + VAT
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Develop sustainable packaging, improve existing packaging in terms of recyclability and learn how recyclability can be measured. What does the German minimum standard say? Why is all this important? Because politicians at EU level are exerting pressure and packaging development often takes time.


The European Packaging & Packaging Waste Regulation, or PPWR for short, is expected to be adopted at the beginning of 2024. Among other things, it will ban the sale of sales packaging with a recyclability of less than 70 per cent from 2030. In addition, recycled content in plastic packaging is to be taken into account in the EPR fees ("licence fees"). Once adopted, the PPWR will come into force immediately throughout the EU, without much creativity freedom in the individual member states.


This means that those who bring recycling-friendly packaging onto the market will benefit twice over with the best conditions for unhindered access to EU markets and the utilisation of future (financial) incentives for packaging that is easy to recycle.


After this seminar in English language


you will have an overview of policy requirements.

  • Insight into the draft European Packaging & Packaging Waste Regulation


you will be familiar with the criteria for Design4Recycling and the measuring of the sortability and recyclability of packaging.

  • Collection, sorting and recycling of used sales packaging from the Yellow Bag and Yellow Bin.
  • Assessment method for measuring the recyclability of packaging
  • The German minimum standard of the Central Agency Packaging Register
  • Multifunctional tool for categorising the recyclability of packaging: CHiRA (CHI Recyclability Assessment) from cyclos-HTP, the comprehensive solution with added value for assessing the recyclability of packaging:
    – Results (according to standard HTP) for 30 countries - entire EU + CH + NOR + UK
    – Applicability to all material types
    – Conformity to minimum standard of the Central Agency Packaging Register, DIN EN 13430, DIN EN ISO 14021


you will know what makes standard packaging recyclable and how Der Grüne Punkt can support you.

  • Presentation of best practice examples and new: Presentation of examples with potential for optimisation from the participants
  • Presentation of new trends in packaging materials
  • Der Grüne Punkt services


► New: Send us your packaging!

Do you have questions about the recyclability of your packaging? Then please send us an example of your packaging after you have registered for the seminar. We will then incorporate it into the practical part of the event. If there are too many, we will unfortunately have to make a selection.



For whom is this online event important?

Packaging manufacturers, packaging managers from the areas of purchasing, product development and QS food and non-food.


After the presentation, you will have the opportunity to ask your questions.

Der Grüne Punkt also offers information events on D4R as part of individual company workshops online or in person (subject to a fee). Please contact us if you are interested.

About our speakers:

Dipl.-Kfm. Andreas Kappel is - in his dual role at Der Grüne Punkt as Sales Manager Commercial Development and Head of the Design4Recycling unit - an expert in the design of recyclable packaging. This is sustainability in its purest form, because its components can be reintroduced into the recycling cycle as high-quality secondary raw materials.


Dipl.-Übers. Antje Kauffmann has many years of experience in international sales department of Der Grüne Punkt and advises customers on the group's wide range of services. She is the contact person in the Design4Recycling division for interested international companies who want to take advantage of the opportunity to have their packaging concepts analysed for recyclability, improved or redesigned by Der Grüne Punkt.

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