We work with valuable resources, but our most important “raw material” is our workforce. A company offering highly specialized services as its core business is especially reliant on its team’s knowledge and dedication. Many people work for Der Grüne Punkt not only because of the good pay and great working conditions, but because they firmly believe in our mission. We have created a unique approach to a sustainable circular economy and are driving progress decisively. The group is aware of this and doing a great deal to leverage this “raw material.”

Our own experts

Der Grüne Punkt is now hiring again, especially experts to strengthen our expertise at central locations. In 2019, we also took on six apprentices as permanent members of staff. We are also finding experts within our own ranks: in 2018, three workers in Eisfeld underwent training to become machinery and plant managers and passed exams at the local Chamber of Trade and Industry with very good grades. The company covered the costs of their training. We deliberately keep existing, unique expertise within our group and have therefore made a conscious decision to continue developing IT applications in-house. Our goals remain to retain and attract new skilled workers, to lower the age of our team, and to make working conditions even better and more efficient. Annual employee potential interviews, which highlight potential continuing education opportunities and identify hurdles in the way of success or satisfaction, are also supporting these efforts.

Open processes

Another key will be the new building that we will move into in 2020 as the replacement for our main office in Cologne. Besides the environmental benefits afforded by the new building, we are also focusing on team cooperation. We have bid farewell to individual offices without embracing a radical open workspace approach. All groups will work in an open, friendly space, which promotes information sharing across different areas and facilitates project-based cooperation. In this vein, the group has launched the “Mobile Work” pilot project. It allows employees to work outside the office in order to reduce the burdens associated with the daily commute. New elements are constantly being added to the SharePoint platform. The platform also offers ways to work together on projects online. An integral element is the CEO blog penned by Michael Wiener who regularly informs staff on key issues within and outside the company.

Staying healthy

Der Grüne Punkt wants to make work even more efficient and support preventative healthcare for our employees. Specific steps range from training for emergency responders, fire and evacuation officers to free eyewear for the workplace and drinking water, or even ergonomic services and massages. A company-wide reintegration management program helps workers experiencing health crises by restoring or maintaining their ability to work. We are also happy to discuss how we can make a return to our company successful. All projects are developed and discussed by a Health Committee made up of members of the works council and staff from human resources and a variety of other departments. This committee meets regularly. A survey on psychological stress factors in the workplace revealed no unusual stresses, with just a few exceptions. The Health Committee has suggested countermeasures to deal with occasional excess stress. We are also keeping an eye on the transition to retirement. Working in close consultation with the works council for employees covered by collective pay agreements, Der Grüne Punkt has set up personal lifetime working time accounts. Employees first build up a credit, which they can use for early retirement – and for other opportunities for change in the future, too. Employees not covered by collective bargaining agreements will get these accounts, too. The group offers semi-retirement models for employees close to retirement on a voluntary basis.

New management structure

Across our company, we are improving information sharing and human resources management by using new instruments, primarily lean management. At regular meetings, our managers continue to refine our corporate structure using the right tools. All employees have undergone lean management training so that they can use it during everyday work and in planning. This is accompanied by a new management structure with four management levels and the transfer of trust and responsibility. More competence is located at the respective levels of management as a result. Suitability will be ascertained using instruments, such as an assessment center. If necessary, managers will receive targeted refresher training.



1.5 million euro collected


Our successful “Donate Your Deposit” project is under way at ten airports in Germany. How it works: Empty beverage bottles are collected in transparent bins before airport security. The companies involved and Der Grüne Punkt have also set up collection bins in their buildings. The formerly long-term unemployed empty these bins and sort bottles and cans into single-use and reusable packaging. Der Grüne Punkt arranges pick-up, organizes the collection of deposit funds, and recycling. The deposit funds are filtered back into the project. Up until now, €1.5 million in donations has been gathered and 24 jobs have been created. Learn more about the project by visiting: www.spendedeinpfand.de​​​​​​​



Social Issues


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